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Each retreat and private tour is mindfully created so that our travelers will be more than just a tourist on a trip: Engaging with the locals, communing with nature, partaking in a cooking lesson or a meal in someone’s home, singing or dancing along in a local ritual; Meeting the people who weave silk into saris or getting your hands dirty in a pottery class in an off-the-beaten-path village; Getting beyond the main tourist circuits.

Engaged travel means that you have the chance to take part in the culture, not just observe it; learn and live the history of a place while you immerse yourself in the experience that is at your fingertips. Create a deeper context for your own life, have an adventure, connect to people and cultures that may at first seem worlds apart from your own, yet along the journey, that distance dissolves.

Meet Sandy

Travel Guru and Founder of Inspired Exploration Travel

My love affair with India started in 2006 when a friend and I decided to use our frequent flyer miles to travel as far away as our miles would take us. My life had been feeling stagnant for a while. As a dedicated yoga student the Indian culture peaked my interest both on and off the yoga mat, and so we set our plans to take us East. Our adventure landed us in Delhi, and we immediately boarded an overnight public bus heading north. On day two, we were on a hillside in McCloud Ganj as the Pakistani/Indian earthquake shook the region. As it happens, it also shook the dullness and drudgery right out of my life! Since then I’ve been returning regularly.

After several years and adventures throughout the region, I decided to dedicate my experience and connections to sharing the delights of India with others through custom designed, small group, immersive travel. And so, Inspired Exploration Travel was born in 2015, and we have been guiding travelers through life-changing retreats and journeys ever since.

How we craft unforgettable journeys through India: Experience. Connection. And Lots of Intuition. 

Praise From Our Travelers

Since we recently sold our business and retired, we were up for anything. A trip that kept our interests in mind and was also pre-planned for us, seemed like a great fit. As it turned out, our experience in India was truly incredible.

– Dana and Dino Giovis, 2016

If you want to travel to India, immerse yourself in the culture and marvel at the country, temples and religious diversity, Sandy Kingsley is your girl and Inspired Exploration Travel is your company. Her knowledge of India enables her to create and plan comprehensive travel itineraries.

– Bill Talley, 2016

The conveniences of booking travel with Inspired Exploration allowed me to just show up and be fully present on the adventure. The depth and diversity of each place we visited, whether it was the bustling city of Delhi or the small, mountainside villages in Shimla, energized me on all levels.

– Candice Schultheis, 2016

Traveling is not just vacationing. It is a way to create deep connection to people, places and cultures all over our amazing world. If you allow it to, it opens new doors to the soul. My travel philosophy is this: Allow your travel exploration to root you in the moment. Walk, hike, take a cab and talk to the cab driver, take a train or local bus, engage with the people and your surroundings. Dive in to the culture whenever and wherever you can. Take loads of photos.

Also get out from behind the lens of your camera and experience what is right in front of you. Meet a local family and share a meal. Seek out a local market where the regulars do their food and spice shopping. Wake up early to watch the sunrise and walk down the street as the shops open. Engage people, experience culture, soak up the scenery. AND, ensure that you have a comfortable, friendly home base to start your day off right and to come home to at the end of your day. Give yourself some luxury too – after all, it is also a vacation and you deserve it!

Your trip has to start somewhere — so start dreaming!

Sandy Kingsley
Founder, Inspired Exploration Travel

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