Illuminate Your Soul
Journey to India and Nepal


If you are you an explorer at heart, if your soul is craving to be lit up and you desire an adventure that will leave you feeling deliciously connected to life and juiced up to experience the present like never before, join me and an amazing group of of travelers for a 2 week inspired journey to India and Nepal.

September 28 – October 10, 2017

With optional Sept 25 – 28 Taj Mahal Add-On dates

An inspired exploration for yogis and non-yogis seeking inspiration and transformation.

Are you ready to step out of the ruts of daily life, restore some
of the magical curiosity you once had as a kid and wake up to a completely fresh perspective?

Does filling up with fascination and inspiration sound like the next step
for you as you transition to a deeply mindful and expansive place of being?

Melodic, mesmerizing chanting. The smell of incense burning. Cultures infused with spirituality, connection to the heart, rituals and celebrations, rich history, towering Himalayan mountain peaks and delicious Indian and Nepali food. There will be so many opportunities to stand in awe in this magical land.

Imagine waking up for a yoga and meditation class with the Himalayas as the backdrop. Allow the peaceful energy of the most spectacular mountain range in the world permeate your being and bring you closer to your perfect inner nature.

Embrace the calm and the chaos. Camels, cows, rickshaws and cars share the streets. Wander through the colorful, chaotic bazaars of Jaipur, explore Bapu Bazaar to see the bright fabrics. Then stand on the wall of a massive fort as you view the amber city below. Take a camel cart ride through a village. (Yes, a camel cart ride!) Celebrate Indian-style, the festival of Dussehra. Music, dancing, fireworks and other crazy festivities highlight the evening.

Walk a kora (ritual circumnavigation) beneath the eyes of wisdom of the Buddha at Boudhnath, side by side with other Buddhists making this same pilgrimage. Visit two of the holiest temples in the world, Pashupatinath to Hindus and Boudhnath to Buddhists. Prayer flag-decked lanes, butter lamps, monks in maroon robes: experience Tibetan Buddhist life.

My promise to you

On this journey to India you will:

Ignite your wonder and feel more alive than you ever have!

If you are looking to get out of a rut, to transition to a new time in life, or to deepen the way you experience joy, you will be catapulted to exactly the place you need to be.

Raise your inner vibration and experience travel – and life – with a completely fresh set of eyes.

Practice yoga and meditation if you desire, with an experienced instructor, in the birthplace of yoga itself.

Unwind in well-appointed four and five star hotels/lodge, each with their own warm Indian or Nepali welcome and charm. Leave the logistics to your knowledgeable guides and experienced leaders.

Develop close friendships within a community of marvelous travelers with common interests.

Feel amazed and refreshed in mind, body and spirit; come home smarter, more adventurous and fulfilled!

Thank you for organizing, planning and executing such a beautiful trip. What a trip of a lifetime with memories and friends to match! Please know I am filled with gratitude of your work and vision. Truly amazing!

Namaste, Peace and Thanks!

Ann Bean

Awaken the Spirit 2016


Experience the magical India you picture in your dreams.

Bright colored saris, Rajasthani-style turbans, massive forts, cycle rickshaws, market places brimming with spices and sweet, singing accents with beautiful smiles.

The Cuisine

Rich in flavor, beautifully spiced, with a variety of vegetables, beans and meats, breads and rice, the Indian and Nepali food will delight your senses. Through out the trip we will be discovering restaurants and delicious dishes together. And in Nepal we will be invited in to a local home for a cooking demonstration and a meal!

Authentic cultural immersion and engaged travel.

Create a deeper context for your own life. Be an adventurer. Connect to people and cultures that may at first seem worlds apart from your own, yet along the journey, distance dissolves.

National Park with Animal Encounters

Enter the Heart of the Jungle, Chitwan National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Center. Can you imagine spotting a one-horned rhinoceros in the wild? Or watching as the elephants take their morning bath in the river? You won’t have to imagine, because we will very likely see this on our stay in Chitwan. Your view will be vast from your seat atop an elephant!

Spirit-filled ritual and devotion.

Combining the highlights of spiritually significant temples, with a visit to local school children, to meandering through side streets and bazaars, we will see a side of Kathmandu beyond the backpacking, tourist centers. Through all of these experiences, in India and Nepal, you will be guided by an English-speaking, knowledgeable and professional guide.

Hindu Dussehra Festival

Watch as three giant effigies depicting demons get lit up into burning flames as we celebrate the Hindu Dussehra festival. You have not truly experienced India until you have participated in one of her festivals!

Small group design, with like-minded travelers.

Combined with a transformative inspired exploration, this journey will lead you to develop new friendships and life-long connections with your fellow travelers.

Feel Connected and Renewed!

Feed your child-like curiosity, stoke your sense of adventure and fill your spirit until it is brimming over. Make a connection to the people and soul of India and Nepal. When you come home, you might feel a little tired from travel, but you will also feel renewed.

Be refreshed and amazed.

In addition to these incredible experiences in two captivating countries, we will be staying in well appointed four and five star hotels. At the end of a BIG day of exploration, you will have a luxurious place to come “home” to. Prepare to experience Indian and Nepali hospitality, combined with distinct character and elegance where you will want to kick your feet up and relax. Several of our hotels will have spa services available. You can choose if your free time is spent exploring or indulging!

Block Printing

Meet a local artisan and make your own block prints to take home with you. Block printing is an ancient art of dying and decorating fabrics; we will visit a village that is famous for it.

What a spectacular journey!

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Click on the days to view the details.

Sept. 28 ~ Day 1: Delhi

Step off of the plane into the Delhi airport… and your enchanted journey begins!! We are met there by a very special crew and a delightful traditional Indian welcome. You will meet our in-country host and guide and then we are brought back to our hotel for check in. The sweet scent of Frangipani (called Champa in Hindi) will fill your senses and you will comfortably settle in to our elegant hotel to get some rest.



Sept. 29 ~ Day 2: Jaipur
After a delicious breakfast, we will leave for Jaipur (approximately 5.5 hour drive). (And yes, they do have good coffee in India, as well as delicious masala chai. The choice is yours!)



Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan, India’s most colorful and lavish state. Think maharajas, camels, palaces, forts and the desert. Rajputs, the people who live in this region, are from warrior clans who have controlled this part of India for more than 1,000 years. Sense of honor and chivalry are held to a high standard and you will see this reflected in nearly every greeting you receive.

Our first true exploration of this journey will begin in the small charming village of Bagru, a short drive from Jaipur. Bagru is known for their natural vegetable dyes and hand block printing. We will meet an artisan of this trade and he will show us the process and guide us through to make one of our own block prints.

Sept. 30 ~ Day 3: Jaipur
We’ll start the day with a morning yoga and/or meditation session at the hotel, for all those who want to partake. After breakfast, we will meet up with our private guide and head to Amber Fort. Built in 1600, Amber Fort sits high on a hill and protects a palace complex, complete with the Maharaja’s apartments, a Diwan-i-Am (Public Audience Hall), courtyards, and zenana (the quarters where wives and concubines gathered).


Listening to the rich and proud history, you may begin to understand the feeling of enchantment that surrounds the the region. Intoxicating and wondrous, those feelings of amazement continue as we visit the City Palace, the Jantar Mantar and Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds). The Jantar Mantar is an “observatory” with giant instruments looking more like sculptures of sorts, for measuring time and the stars. Maharaja Jai Singh loved astronomy. The pink sandstone of the Hawa Mahal, five stories high, is carved into an ornate screen where the women of the royal court could observe city life without being seen.

This evening, we will partake in the Hindu festivities and celebrate Dussehra. Dussehra honors the victory of Lord Ram over the demon king Ravan, and the victory of good over evil. Giant effigies of the Ravan and his two brothers are lit into blazing flames as the very good-natured, friendly crowd at the festival passionately cheers!

Oct. 1 ~ Day 4: Jaipur
We will start this morning again with an optional yoga and/or meditation session by the pool. After another beautiful breakfast at our hotel, you will have this entire day at your own leisure. You may choose to schedule and enjoy an authentic ayurvedic treatment at a nearby ayurvedic center; fill your day feeding your curiosity in the Pink City as you shop, explore and engage at your own pace; or relax by the pool at our hotel.


Today gives you the chance to absorb all of your spectacular experiences to date. Each day on this itinerary will fill you up and send you to bed brimming over with wonder. You will appreciate taking what you need for yourself today. Whether it is rest, relaxation and contemplation, or a walk overlooking the city at another unforgettable fort, your trip leader and in-country guide will help you facilitate what you need.

Oct. 2 ~ Day 5: Samode Village back to Delhi
After a delicious breakfast (it will be a little too easy to get used to this!), we will head towards Delhi with a stop at Samode, a village nestled in the Araveli Hills.


We will check out a stunning palace property that is still run by the noble family, wander through the courtyards, and imagine life from an earlier time. In the village, we will meet with some locals, take a camel cart ride through town, and then enjoy a delicious group lunch in the garden.

In the afternoon we will continue our drive back to Delhi.

Oct. 3 ~ Day 6: Kathmandu

We fly this morning to Kathmandu, Nepal and continue to illuminate our souls. Our stay in Nepal will combine heartfelt spirit with adventure and delight. The Kathmandu Valley lies to the east of the northern Indian plains, below the towering snow covered peaks of the high Himalaya. Our inspired journey in Nepal – walking Koras around shrines, witnessing cremation sites on the river, and watching abundant wildlife on safari – begins today!


It has been said that there are nearly as many temples as there are houses in the Kathmandu valley, and as many idols as inhabitants; there is not a river or a hill within its limits that is not consecrated to Hindu or Buddhist deities. From the amazing architectural monuments, to dozens of spiritually significant temples and shrines, to hidden courtyards, cobblestone streets, tasty momos, Kathmandu is intoxicating. While you may also feel the sensory overload of the city, you will be stirred and inspired as we take it all in, in this land of culture, tradition, religion and sweet Nepali people.

This evening, we will experience a rickshaw ride through Thamel market, a lively backpacker hub. This is a good area to do some souvenir shopping as well, after the ride.


Oct. 4 ~ Day 7: Kathmandu
After a delicious breakfast in our new digs, today is full with exploration and discovery in Kathmandu, with our private guide. We will visit Durbar Square, from where the city’s kings once ruled (Place of Palaces). Filled with worshipers, shrines, and people selling goods, it’s an active hub in the city.



We will also visit Pashupati Nath Temple, considered one of the holiest Hindu shrines, and a sacred site along the Bagmati River. While only Hindu people may go inside the temple itself, we will be able to have a peak in; plus there is much to see within the huge temple complex. Similar to Varanasi in India, ritual bathing, cremation ghats, shrines to Shiva all can be found in this holy area.

To complete this full morning, Boudhnath stupa is one of the oldest and the biggest Buddhist monuments ever built in the Himalayan Kingdom, in 5th century AD. Pulsing with Tibetan Buddhist life, this stupa is to Tibetan Buddhists what Mecca is to Muslims. Along with the other pilgrims, we will make a kora around the stupa, beneath the eyes of the Buddha.

Later in the afternoon we will visit a local school to see up close and personal some of the children who live in this remarkable city.

Oct. 5 ~ Day 8: Chitwan National Park

Early breakfast this morning at our hotel, and then we are off to Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage reserve. Welcome to “the Heart of the Jungle!” After an approximate 5 hour drive, we will check in and eat lunch at our hotel, the Jungle Villa Lodge. (Three meals a day are included with our accommodations at the lodge where fully organic vegetables and dairy products produced by local farmers are used.)


This afternoon we will visit the Tharu villages (Tharus are one of the earliest inhabitants of this region, the Terai.) We will stroll through the mustard fields, see the locals at work, and learn more about their culture.

In the evening, we will enjoy the quiet with good company at our lodge.

Oct. 6 ~ Day: 9 Chitwan National Park

We have a full day to experience Chitwan, one of the best wildlife-viewing national parks in Asia. Explore the jungle from a top an elephant – this gives you the best probability of spotting the one-horned rhinos that roam in the park, and it’s also the safest since rhinos are typically fearful of elephants. A jeep safari will give us another perspective and more opportunities to spot deer, birds, monkeys and other wildlife.


In addition to more than 543 species of birds, a few of the other “Big Five” animals that live in the reserve include wild Asian elephants, the royal bengal tiger, gharial and the sloth bear. Plus, we will have the incredible opportunity of seeing elephants during their daily bath in the river, and mama-baby interactions too! You can also opt for a canoe ride on the Rapti River (not included but very affordable) or any of the other activities the lodge offers.

Oct. 7 ~ Day: 10 Dhulikhel

Saving us travel time, this morning we will hop a short flight back to Kathmandu and from there head to Dhulikhel, about a two hour drive. A well-preserved Newari town, Dhulikhel also has spectacular Himalayan views. (The Newars, while an ethnic minority in Nepal, comprise the majority culture through the Kathmandu Valley.)


Today’s walking tour of the town will include an exploration of the temple-lined village square, seeing the originally developed settlements of Nepal, observing farmers in the fields, and soaking in the mountain views. Shiva temple, Ganesha shrine, Kali temple, Garuda (King of the Birds) worshiping in front of a three-tiered, Newari-style temple – these are just a few of the sites that will flame the magical light in our hearts.

This evening is at leisure to explore and/or enjoy the charming property where we are staying.


Oct. 8 ~ Day: 11 Dhulikhel

Yoga and meditation class at the hotel will start our day. The rest of the day is at your leisure to experience the thriving markets, to take in the panorama of mountain peaks, to make some new Nepali friends, and/or to get out into the mountains on a hike!


If you are interested in making this a full day of hiking, we can hike to Namobuddha stupa, one of the three most important Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Nepal.


Oct. 9 ~ Day: 12 Bakhtapur & Kathmandu


After a lovely breakfast at the hotel, we will leave for Bakhtapur (approximately an hour drive). The everyday culture of the Kathmandu Valley will come to life as we experience this medieval, temple-studded, quiet town. Founded in the 12th century by King Ananda Malla, Bakhtapur was a stop along the trade route from India to Tibet.


Our private guide will take us around Durbar Square, the Golden Gate, and through the narrow winding streets. Parts of the town are still badly damaged from the 2015 earthquake, yet that does not diminish the charm of its people. Artisans weaving cloth, clay pots drying in pottery square, locals visiting on street corners and in communal courtyards are some
of the scenes we will take in.

With three major squares full of exquisite temples, with the nickname, “City of Devotees,” and with the simple pace of life, it’s not hard to imagine how a feeling of spirit will fill each breath you take as we explore this pedestrian town.

When we are done in Bakhtapur, we will head to Kathmandu where we will experience the love that goes into a delicious Nepali meal. We will be invited into a home for a cooking demonstration and share a meal with our gracious hosts.


Oct. 10 ~ Day: 13 Kathmandu

Our final day in Nepal. You may desire to relax at the hotel as you get packed up, or you can choose to wander through more of the amazing markets, shop for souvenirs or go back to one of your favorite stupas. We will be transferred to the airport midday to fly back to Delhi. From Delhi, we all catch our flights home.



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Taj Mahal Add-On

September 25 – 28, 2017

If you have never experienced the splendor of the Taj Mahal – perhaps this is your first trip to India – then you will want to consider this add-on. Arrive with me a few days early for a morning at the Sivananda Ashram with a vegetarian cooking demonstration then a crazy rickshaw ride through the streets of Old Delhi.

The following day, witness the spectacular reflections of light as they shimmer off of the white marble of the Taj and visit Agra Fort to learn more about the era in which this world wonder was built.

Note that this Taj Mahal Add-On comes BEFORE the main trip.

Taj Mahal Add-On Inclusions

  • Accommodations double or single occupancy for three nights in four and five star hotels Group transport from airport to hotel, if arriving within stated time-frame.
  • Breakfast included on all days except for arrival day.
  • Rickshaw ride through Delhi.
  • Yoga class and cooking demonstration with lunch at Sivananda Ashram.
  • Service of locally appointed English speaking guide in Delhi and in Agra.
  • Transportation by an air-conditioned Tempo Traveler or AC Innova with our own driver.
  • Currently applicable entrance fees to places of visit, which are subject to change. (See day by day visits on the itinerary for all that are included.)
  • Currently applicable government taxes, which are subject to change.
  • Minimum 2 bottles water/daily.
  • Yoga / meditation sessions

Taj Mahal Add-On Itinerary

Sept. 25 ~ Delhi
Step off of the plane into the Delhi airport… and your enchanted journey begins, just a few days before the rest of the group. We are met there by a very special crew and a delightful traditional Indian welcome. You will meet our in-country host and guide and then we are brought back to our hotel for check in. The sweet scent of Frangipani (called Champa in Hindi) will fill your senses and you will comfortably settle in to our elegant hotel to get some rest.
Sept. 26 ~ Delhi
After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we will visit the Sivananda ashram to attend a yoga class. Participating in a vegetarian cooking class, we’ll learn more about Indian cooking and the eating habits at the ashram, followed by lunch. In the afternoon, we will take a guided walk of the biggest mosque of India – the Jama Masjid.

Continuing our exploration of Old Delhi, we visit the Sheeshganj Gurudwara (a Sikh temple), the Jain temple in Old Delhi and Chandni Chowk as we weave our way through the narrow streets on a cycle rickshaw.

The capital of India is rich and complex, where modern day developments sit side by side with ancient temples and tombs. You will find bullock powered carts side by side with cars, cows, mopeds, trucks, cycle rickshaws, electric rickshaws and even a camel or two on the road!

The past co-exists with the present and adds to the charm of the city. Many dynasties ruled from here and Delhi is rich in culture, history and monumental architecture.

Sept. 27 ~ Agra
A day dedicated to the spirit of love in which the Taj Mahal was built. After another delicious breakfast in Delhi, we drive about 3.5 hours to arrive in Agra. Beloved Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore described the Taj Mahal as “a teardrop on the cheek of eternity” and its creator, Emperor Shah Jahan, said it made “the sun and the moon shed tears from their eyes.”

Today’s explorations include time at the Taj Mahal just before sunset to experience the spectacular changing colors of light reflected off of the white marble. Before heading there, we will visit Agra Fort, a fine Mughal fort. (Actually, fort turned palace, turned prison, and the place where Shah Jahan was eventually imprisoned by his son).

We will end this incredible day as we check into our hotel in Agra for a quiet evening at your leisure.

Sept. 28 ~ Delhi
After breakfast, we will drive back to Delhi. Our travel partners arrive later this evening so we will make great use of the afternoon, soaking in our last experiences in this multi-faceted city.

Visiting Ghandi Smirti, Ghandi’s last home before he was assassinated, you will learn the touching story of his final steps. Then we will visit Humayun’s tomb, a magnificent tomb made of red sandstone and white marble that is said to be inspiration for the Taj Mahal.

What’s Included

  • Accommodations double or single occupancy for 12 nights in four and five star hotels.
  • Group transport from airport to hotel, if arriving within stated time frame.
  • Breakfast included on all days except for arrival day.
  • Lunch at Samode Bagh. All meals at our lodge in Chitwan (2 lunches, 2 dinners).
  • Cooking demonstration and meal at family home in Kathmandu.
  • Block Printing experience in Bagru, India.
  • Rickshaw ride through Thamel market.
  • Safari and elephant experiences in Chitwan National Park.
  • Service of locally appointed English speaking guide in each city/town.
  • Transportation by an air-conditioned mini-coach/van with our own driver for all “drives” noted on itinerary.
  • Cost for internal flights on economy class Delhi/Kathmandu, Bharatpur / Kathmandu, Kathmandu / Delhi.
  • Currently applicable entrance fees to places of visit, which are subject to change. (See day by day visits on the itinerary for all that are included.)
  • Currently applicable government taxes, which are subject to change.
  • Your own bottled water daily. (Min 2 per day.)
  • Yoga / meditation sessions throughout the trip.

What’s Not Included

  • All airfare unless specified in inclusions.
  • Lunches and dinners not specified on the itinerary.
  • Tips to local guides, drivers etc. (Plan on roughly $175 in tips.)
  • Ayurvedic treatments and other spa options.
  • Personal items, gifts, etc.
  • Camera fees (Many sites/monuments will charge a small extra fee to use your camera – generally less than a dollar – and if you are 2 people and only want to use 1 of your cameras, they will charge you only for 1. Not a big deal, just giving you a heads up!)
  • Entry to museums, monuments, etc that are NOT listed on the itinerary (ie: anything you explore on your own)
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance.

Wow! This is a magical journey.

Count me in!

Your Travel Hosts

Sandy Kingsley

Sandy-IndiaThe travel bug became imbedded in me from a young age. My family never stayed at home for long periods of time. I was very lucky – my parents were skiers. So, each winter, nearly every week, my parents picked my sister and me up from school on Fridays and we drove up to Vermont. We would ski Saturday and half day Sunday, then make the 4.5 hour drive back down to New York, getting home in time for bed on Sunday night.

My entire junior year of college I lived in Paris and went to school there, living with a young couple who helped me to become fluent in French. I used all of my vacations and some weekends to travel through out western Europe. The train system made it easy!

My love affair with India started in 2006 when a friend and I decided to use our frequent flyer miles to go as far away as we could with our FF credits. I was at a place in my life where I needed a shift. I was 38, single, a fundraiser at a small nonprofit organization, and a lot of my time was taken up playing Ultimate Frisbee. It doesn’t sound terrible at all, right? And “on paper” it wasn’t. Life was busy, I was fit, having fun, and my job had meaning in the community. Yet I was beginning to feel down, dull and disconnected. Lacking joy. Frustrated from another “failed” relationship. Something was out of alignment. I felt like I was just dredging along through each day, in spite of the fact that everything was “fine”.

So I booked my flight. A few months later my friend and I arrived in Delhi, and then got on an overnight public bus, headed north. On day two of that trip, we were on a hillside in Dharamsala as the Pakistani/Indian earthquake shook the region. As it happens, it also shook the dullness and drudgery right out of my life! That was just the beginning of my incredible journey through North and Northeast India – and it only got better from there.

I am a seasoned yoga teacher (500 hr RYT) and a grant writer for a nonprofit organization. Yet, nothing makes me happier than traveling and sharing the delights of India with others. On my second trip to India, I took my husband with the sole purpose of ensuring that he wanted to go back again. (Yes, I was successful!) I am thrilled to accompany you on your journey, to Awaken the Spirit an Immersion of the Heart and Senses in Northern India.

Learn more about Sandy and her travel explorations on her blog.

Barb Morsa

Travel is in my blood and in my soul. As an only child, I was blessed to spend time all over Europe, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and many of the amazing places right here in the continental US with my parents while growing up. My husband Takis and I began married life with a truly unforgettable journey to the South Pacific. With stops in Bora Bora, Moorea and the remote islands where we swam with sharks, we saw few people and were dumbstruck by the simple beauty of nature in its picture-postcard grandeur.

Our most memorable spiritual journey was the one we took to China in 2000 to adopt our daughter, Bijou. Not only did we spend time in Japan and all over China during that trip, but we also became parents for the first time! Instead of a trip to the maternity ward we toured Asia with our new baby. Then it was back to Asia to adopt our son Asher a few years later and more time in Japan as well as South Korea.

We travel as often as we can these days. Our family is a global one and we all share the passion for new places and new horizons. Travel teaches us in ways books and classes never can. It broadens us and deepens us, opening us wide to the whole world and our place in it. Travel touches the deepest parts of us – our heart and soul.

Several years ago, I left my work as an attorney behind to devote myself full-time to teaching and practicing yoga. I’ve always known I would one day travel to India on a pilgrimage to understand the birthplace of yoga and Buddhism. Now as a seasoned teacher, co-founder of Indigo Yoga and teacher trainer, I feel called to India as a spiritual homecoming. I know my roots there are deep and karmic and I simply can’t wait to explore what India holds for all of us on our Awaken the Spirit journey to Northern India!

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Why Inspired Exploration Travel?

Engaged travel – is the most direct, succinct description of the philosophy of Inspired Exploration Travel. Taking loads of pictures is highly encouraged AND we want to see you get out from behind the lens of your camera as well. Inspired Exploration trips are designed to give you many opportunities to engage in your surroundings and the people of the region.

Each itinerary, retreat and/or travel exploration is mindfully created so that you can feel confident that you will be more than just a tourist on your travels. Engaging with the locals, communing with nature, partaking in a cooking lesson or a meal in someones home, singing or dancing along in a local ritual. Meeting the people who weave silk into saris or getting your hands dirty in a pottery class in an off-the-beaten-path village. Getting beyond the main tourist circuits.

Engaged travel means that you have the chance to take part in the culture, not just observe it; learn and live the history of a place while you immerse yourself in the experience that is at your fingertips. Create a deeper context for your own life, have an adventure, connect to people and cultures that may at first seem worlds apart from your own, yet along the journey, that distance dissolves.

International Flights

You must arrive in Delhi, India on September 28, 2017. Most flights will arrive in the evening and at least a day after your departure date from the U.S. with the time difference. We will have transportation from the airport to our hotel waiting — before you book your flight, I will let you know what time that will be. (Alternate arrangements can be made for an additional cost.) We fly out of Delhi as well for our return flight on October 10, 2017. Again, most flights will leave in the evening.

If you are joining me for the pre-trip add on, you must arrive in Delhi on September 25, 2017, three days ahead of the main group. Again, since transport will be coordinated from the airport to our hotel, I will tell you what your arrival time-frame should be before you book your flight.

I will give you ALL the info you need to book your flight to ensure that you are where you need to be and when! Once I send you the Flight Info Email, you can then book your international flight.

If you are interested in adding on to your trip beyond the add-on offered here, I am happy to brainstorm ideas with you to help you find the perfect travel addition.

I can’t pass this up this phenomenal experience.

Register me now, please!

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