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Do you have an itinerary in mind, or maybe a few experiences that you don’t see on one of our current retreats? Looking to go to a particular area, or on specific dates, to soak in everything you can in your own timeframe? We will help you create an incredible journey all your own and set it into motion, from beginning to end.

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Check out some of the unforgettable experiences we can create for you!

Cooking Lessons

Dive into an intimate lesson on Indian or Nepali cooking – right in the home of a local where you will then share dinner!

Visit the Taj Mahal

Experience the sun setting behind the Taj Mahal, reflecting off of the shimmering white marble as it descends and creates a magical atmosphere.

Meet with Tibetan Monks

Walk a kora around the Tibetan temple complex in the Buddhist enclave of McLeod Ganj. The Dalai Lama lives here in exile from his homeland, Tibet. Meet with monks and learn first hand the meaning behind Tibetan painting and other crafts that they are keeping alive.

Participate in Rituals & Ceremonies

Ease your way into the holiest Hindu city, known as Varanasi, journey to Kasha (The City of Light), and let the charged spiritual energy of the holy men, the pilgrims from all over India, and the ritual and ceremony that pervades the river’s banks, fill you with wonder, joy, and awe.

Watch for Leopards

Take a jeep ride through the Aravalli hills for a leopard sighting and then experience dinner at a 16th-century baori (step-well) amidst flickering lamps.

Visit Middle-Himalayas

Walk in the Middle-Himalayas, passing through local villages as you take in the awesome snow-capped mountain views. Stop to sip a sweet masala chai with a local Indian family as we are welcomed into their home.

Practice Yoga & Meditation

Nourish your soul as you visit several different ashrams to practice yoga and meditation, and to speak with the gurus.

Participate in an Evening Fire Ceremony

Travel along the banks of the holy Ganges river and partake in the holy rituals of the evening fire ceremony (Aarti).

Enjoy a Private Concert

Take in a live cultural performance in the home of a musician — they may even let you test your musical talents on the traditional Indian instruments!

Experience a Sacred Festival

Experience one of India’s sacred festival like a local: Holi (March), Diwali (October), or Dussehra (September).

Experience Northern India

Experience the calm beauty of Northern India hill stations, the Tibetan township in Mcleod Ganj and wander through the small, colorful market of Dharamsala.

Take in the palpable devotion in Rishikesh

Stroll along the banks of the Ganges river in Rishikesh – the devotion is tangible and will leave you vibrating at a higher level.

This being my first trip out of the country, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Admittedly, I was winging it. I packed lightly and headed to the airport. And that was all the planning I had to do! The next 12 days were blissfully free of decision-making and travel logistics. I was able to devote all of my time and energy on soaking up the culture and experience of India.

Rachel Hernandez


The conveniences of booking travel with Inspired Exploration allowed me to just show up and be fully present on the adventure. The depth and diversity of each place we visited, whether it was the bustling city of Delhi or the small, mountainside villages in Shimla, energized me on all levels.

Candice Schultheis


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