Inspired Exploration Travel offers yoga studio owners the opportunity to create a dream trip that mirrors the interests and desires of their community. We create once in a lifetime, customized travel packages designed directly with you and your community in mind.

Why Inspired Exploration for your Yoga Studio Travel?

Inspired Exploration Travel knows two things intimately: Yoga & India.

In fact, our reason for existence is because of yoga and a deep desire to go to the heart of where it all started. From there it’s all been a beautiful journey. We want to make getting to India and experiencing an authentic, engaged retreat not just available but beneficial and meaningful to yoga studios and their communities.

We’ve worked closely with yoga studios to understand how to make the process from visualizing the journey to riding in the rickshaw to a thousand-year-old temple as effortless as possible.

We can create an entirely unique and customized trip for your studio or offer your studio community opportunities to join a group retreat.

No matter the type of retreat you decide to journey with us on, the benefits for your community are immeasurable.

We’ve decided to count a few of those benefits to show you what we mean…

#1. Set your Yoga Studio Apart from the Others

When you offer your community this transformative experience you set your studio apart from others that offer typical yoga offerings (ie: teacher training, yoga workshops, traditional Costa Rica-type retreats). Offering a unique journey has so many additional intangible benefits for your community — a community within a community is created, thus, increasing loyalty and connection to your studio and to each other.

In addition, during and long after the trip social marketing opportunities abound with breathtaking photos and a unique adventurous buzz for your studio.  

#2. Additional Revenue Stream

Working with Inspired Exploration Travel offers your studio an additional stream of revenue. Whether you want to create a unique trip for your studio only or promote a pre-designed trip to your community, we’ve made it simple for you to promote a retreat and earn money.  Earn a flat amount per traveler and/or determine the revenue for your studio. 

#3. Free Trip for Qualified Studio Owner

Not only do you help set the intention for the trip but you will travel with your group for free. And who doesn’t want to go to India for free? 

#4.We’ve Got Every Detail Covered: From Itinerary to Marketing

Turn-key ease is our aim. There is zero detailed planning or research on your part to make this dream retreat a reality. Everything is handled for you – down to the last detail.  We prepare customized marketing assets to help promote and fill the trip and handle all of the bookings directly.

Yes, my community would love this opportunity!

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Why Inspired Exploration Travel?

Each itinerary, retreat and/or travel exploration is mindfully created so that you can feel confident that you will be more than just a tourist on your travels. Engaging with the locals, communing with nature, partaking in a cooking lesson or a meal in someone’s home, singing or dancing along in a local ritual. Meeting the people who weave silk into saris or getting your hands dirty in a pottery class in an off-the-beaten-path village. Getting beyond the main tourist circuits.

Engaged travel means that you have the chance to take part in the culture, not just observe it; learn and live the history of a place while you immerse yourself in the experience that is at your fingertips. Create a deeper context for your own life, have an adventure, connect to people and cultures that may at first seem worlds apart from your own, yet along the journey, that distance dissolves.

As a yoga studio owner and community leader, our time as a group in India cemented deep ties and lifelong friendships among our travel family. This trip also allowed me to offer something different and truly exceptional to community members, who embrace yoga, travel and expanding their spiritual horizons. It was deeply gratifying to experience India together and to see how much the trip and the time together meant to all of us.

It stirred deep excitement even among those back at home, who traveled along with us through photos and videos posted day-by-day online. That excitement carried over after we returned with students and community members wanting the details of our trip and to share in our stories and adventures.

Working with Inspired Exploration Travel was fantastic. Sandy really heard what I wanted for this trip and for my community, and she put together the perfect experience. Not only did she take care of all of the planning details, but she also created opportunities for us on this curated trip that we would not have been able to access from a typical itinerary. My job was to market the trip to my people, with the help and support of Inspired Exploration. While we offer a lot of learning experiences through Indigo Yoga, our India trip was in a category of it’s own and it sold itself.

Barb Morsa

2016 Retreat, Yoga Studio Owner - Indigo Yoga

About Sandy Kingsley

My love affair with India started in 2006 when a friend and I decided to use our frequent flyer miles to travel far away from lives that were beginning to feel stagnant. As a dedicated yoga student the Indian culture peaked my interest both on and off the yoga mat, and so we set our plans to take us East. Our adventure landed us in Delhi, and we immediately boarded an overnight public bus heading north. On day two, we were on a hillside in McCloud Ganj as the Pakistani/Indian earthquake shook the region. As it happens, it also shook the dullness and drudgery right out of my life! Since then I’ve been returning regularly.

After several years and adventures throughout the region, I decided to dedicate my experience and connections to sharing the delights of India with others through custom designed, small group, immersive travel. And so, Inspired Exploration Travel was born in 2015, and we have been guiding travelers through life-changing retreats and journeys ever since.

Today, when I am not coordinating or leading travel to India, I spend my time with my husband, savoring the outdoors, teaching yoga, playing with my grandchildren and grant writing for the nonprofit organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati.

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